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Paul Scherrer Institut
International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources
March 8 – 12, 2010 in Grindelwald, Switzerland

E-Mail: gabriel.frei@psi.ch

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Scope of the conference

ICANS, dating back to 1977, is an informal network of more than 15 institutions worldwide, providing a forum for scientists and engineers to study and exchange information on the progress and developments in conjunction with accelerator- and reactor-based neutron sources. The attention of the Collaboration is on the subjects of accelerator development, source (target) and moderator development, and neutron scattering instrumentation techniques.

Since the last meeting in Dongguan, China, in 2007 significant progress was made at various neutron science facilities, in particular at SNS, Oak Ridge, J-PARC, Tokai and the ISIS Second Target Station has been brought online. Likewise, the ESS site decision has been taken. It is the tradition of ICANS to cooperate and support each other, and by continuing this series we hope to advance neutron science and to further strengthen cooperation between and among the participating laboratories.

Besides the traditionally represented high-power and large-scale facilities, ICANS XIX in particular would like to encourage smaller sources to submit contributions on their development and perspectives. As well, contributions from developing countries are very welcome.